We balance our medical knowledge & skill with our profound trust in the natural process. And we've done so at over 2,000 births.

“Our midwives were so helpful. They each had their own words of wisdom and advice that really encouraged me to remember that I was made for this and things were moving along perfectly.”

— emmett's mom, kassy



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Our Story

We live near each other around Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis and frequently meet in the park for walks; wearing our babies, walking our dogs and keeping an eye on Jessica's four year old racing around on his bike (yes even in the winter)!

Rosa and Jessica work in tandem. Allowing each other to take time off as well as drawing upon each other's different experiences and skill sets. Presently, Rosa is returning to the practice after a cozy winter break with her newborn Sal. He is now 4 months old and goes to appointments with Rosa. Jessica is stepping back from the majority of clinical practice and will be taking care of the administrative work of the practice, be available to Rosa for consultation, as well as occasionally assisting Rosa in births (when Jessica is not available Rosa has other assists).

We have been practicing together for 5 years. The story of how we met is one of our favorites!

In 2010, Rosa applied to Maternidad La Luz, a midwifery school in El Paso, Texas. Jessica, then staff at the birth center, noticed on Rosa's application mention of a summer camp for "unschoolers"--in fact, the same camp Jessica's sibling attended! When Rosa became a student, we made the connection around the unschooling camp and mutual friends. Then, one evening at the birth center, Rosa was telling a story about her childhood best friend, Rowen. Jessica interrupted with a smile and asked, "Are you talking about MY best friend Rowen?!" It was then we untangled our similar and entwined pasts, surprised we had never crossed paths before! It was meant to be.

A few years after graduating, Rosa moved back to her native Minnesota. At the time, Jessica was pregnant and planning a move to Minnesota as well. We started brainstorming our ideal working relationship and home birth practice, realizing our visions were similar.

If you are considering home birth, we would love to talk with you! We offer a free consultation to any parent who is curious about birth options.