We provide our clients with thorough, professional, responsible, care throughout preconception, gestation, birth and postpartum. Our global fee of $5,000 includes all of our services which make up a comprehensive package to care for you during a normal gestation, birth and postpartum. For the convenience of our clients, we offer monthly payment plans so as to make it possible for families to birth where they choose. There are no hidden fees -- just individualized care and an authentic relationship


FREE Consultation 

Bring your questions...and your heart! We encourage families to use their minds and listen to their hearts when choosing care providers be it midwives, doulas, or pediatricians. The free consultation is for you to meet us, get to know us and ask us questions. Often times we are asked to outline our normal care plan, to give our transport rate, to share our experience, and much more. This visit is geared towards helping you decide if home birth with us is the right choice for you. Natural birth requires trust, and we believe that that begins with a solid relationship with your primary care providers. If you feel the answers to your questions are satisfactory and your heart says yes, we say...you have found your midwives! Please schedule here.


We schedule two hours for this appointment because we review your medical history, draw labs as needed, perform a physical exam as needed and discuss/sign informed consents and financial agreement. The second part of the appointment is what a regular prenatal appointment consists of; relative educational handouts and discussions, an assessment of your blood pressure, pulse and general well-being; assessment of fetal size, position and heart tones by palpation and measurement of your belly.

Prenatal Visits

We see you monthly until 28 weeks, bimonthly until 36 weeks, weekly until 41 weeks, and then every few days until you birth. The appointments last from 30-60 minutes. The majority of the appointment is spent talking about you and baby. How you are, what you need to know and anything else you want to discuss. We then take your vitals and do a belly check to verify position of baby and assess normal growth and heart rate pattern.

24-Hour Phone availability

When you enter our care we are available to you 24/7 until our final postpartum appointment. This means that not only can you call us when you start labor but throughout your pregnancy if you have any concerns like urinary tract infection, miscarriage, migraines, depression, etc. We want you to feel safe and supported.

During our prenatals we talk a lot about labor, what it looks like, what if feels like and when to call us! We want to know when you think labor has started even if you are very early. We are then in contact with you as labor progresses. We arrive at your house when you need us but usually don't stay until active labor (more than 5cm dilated or 3 contractions in 10 minutes lasting more than a minute). Of course every labor is different and we will stay early if a client requests it. We assess your vitals and baby's position and heart rate pattern, set up our things and than either get out of your way or provide you support depending on the situation (usually both of those things happen at some point!) We then stay until baby is born. Usually we stay with you for a minimum of two hours. We don't leave until you and baby are stable, baby has successfully latched and you both are tucked in safely and satisfied.

continuous Labor Support

We have found that postpartum care is vitally important! We are just as available to you the first two weeks after your birth as were when we were waiting for baby to come. Our usual postpartum appointments follow this schedule: we come to your home when your baby is 24-36 hours old, 3 days old, and at one week. We then see you in our office at two weeks and between 4-6 weeks postpartum. We provide lots of support in between those appointments (over the phone or with extra visits) for such things as breastfeeding support, mastitis prevention, and emotional support.

Postpartum Visits



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