"Our midwives were so helpful. They each had their own words of wisdom and advice that really encouraged me to remember that I was made for this and things were moving along perfectly. 

We are so thankful for our midwives and all they did for us through our entire pregnancy. They took calls, answered emails, and reassured us the whole time that things were going just the way they needed to. They are still resources for us when we have concerns or questions and will remain people that we view as friends."

-EMMEtt's mom, Kassy

"We chose Jessica and Rosa for the home birth of our fifth child. It was our first experience with home birth and we were so pleased with the care and respect Jessica and Rosa showed me during my pregnancy, through the long birth, and as we settled into the postpartum period.

I will always be grateful for the confidence they had in my ability to birth my baby naturally which helped me to feel more confident in my body's ability to do the work of labor."

- aaron's mom, Talia

"We were extremely pleased with our birth experience. Rosa and Jessica were so supportive of all of our preferences and had great suggestions for natural remedies for pregnancy and postpartum ailments. They have a very comforting and warm presence, which put us at ease throughout our time with them. Being able to birth at home in the water with the support of whomever we wished to be there was wonderful and gave us a sense of security. I was able to completely immerse myself in the birthing process and let go.

I would not trade my experience for anything. We are currently engaged again with them for our second pregnancy and couldn't be happier!"

- domino's mom, Allison

"I loved how no question was a wrong question with Jessica and Rosa. They never belittled me. They provided me with information and supported my every decision empowering me to have the pregnancy and delivery that I desired."

- Oliver's mom, Katie